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Wolfgang Man & Beast Warranty Info


LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON MATERIALS & WORKMANSHIP – All of Wolfgang Man and Beast products are made to the highest standards using only the finest materials and manufacturing processes. Their warranty covers flaws in workmanship and materials (not including damage from chewing) that occur during normal use. If any seam, buckle, attachment D-ring, leash snap hook, or label fails during normal use, send a photo and they’ll issue a credit for a replacement accordingly.

If your dog does chew one of our products (and it only takes a few seconds), no big deal…they have a LOYALTY WARRANTY for that (see below)!

Wolfgang uses a hot-cut process to cut their webbing, meaning the webbing is cut by heat, not blades. No knives, blades or scissors are used in the manufacturing process…if a cut in the webbing is not melted on the end, it was not cut by Wolfgang Man and Beast.

Contact Wolfgang at to initiate the warranty process and if possible send photos of the product in question (returning the product may not be necessary). DO NOT DISCARD FLAWED OR BROKEN PRODUCTS…THEY WILL NEED TO SEE THE PRODUCT TO DETERMINE IF IT IS ELIGIBLE FOR WARRANTY.  IF YOUR DOG HAS CHEWED THE WEBBING, LEATHER, OR BUCKLE, DON'T SWEAT IT! SEE THE LOYALTY WARRANTY BELOW. 


MISTAKES HAPPEN - Your dog may be the smartest little angel ever to walk the earth, but even the best of them can chew something up from time to time. No one is going to judge them...or you! If the little bundle of fluff chews through a Wolfgang leash or collar, just send Wolfgang Man & Beast a photo (in rare cases they'll need to have the damaged items returned) and they’ll issue you a code to replace it at half price