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What is Hypalon?

Hypalon is an extremely durable performance elastomer that has been trusted and utilized for decades in products designed for use in extreme environments. You can see Hypalon used in whitewater rafts, contaminants suits, motorcycle panniers, backpacks, etc and it is noted for its high strength and resistance to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and ultraviolet light. WANDRD has laser cut the Hypalon to fuse the fibers inside to resist fraying and hold the strength of the material. To back their strength claims they paid for over 20 break-strength tests by a reputable third-party quality control company and determined their "up to 75lbs" based on the results from those tests. On top of the third-party testing, they tested the straps internally for over 6 months carrying them daily through the many different environments customers would use them in and found them to hold up to all challenges they were put through. Quality is one area WANDRD has never and will never cut corners, they stand by this product and their Wander More Worry Less Lifetime Guarantee should make you feel confident in standing by it as well.