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Why HUGO is so different than other air purifiers:

HUGO provides 3 distinct functions unlike any other air purifier on the market today: 1) Air Purifier, 2) Air Sterilizer and 3) Mosquito & Insect Catcher - no other air purifier has this unique function. It is also the most compact, lightweight, portable and multi-functional air purifier on the market, weighing 2lbs., and stands only 9.5” tall and 5” in diameter. The touch control panel allows you to quickly access any of its 3 functions.

3 Distinct Modes of Operation:
  • Air Purification - Hugo uses an activated carbon filter with a photocatalyst layer to safely and effectively trap and eliminate harmful airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollutants and odors. HEPA filters only filter particle pollution from the air. Carbon air filters trap gas molecules and VOCs such as smoke and toxic fumes that HEPA filters cannot.
  • Air Sterilization - Hugo uses both activated carbon with a photocatalyst layer of titanium dioxide in combination with 254nm UV light to create a photocatalytic and germ killing effect to both trap and destroy harmful pollutants, bacteria and viruses. The fan sucks air in through the top vent where VOCs and germs are trapped and “ad-sorbed” by the activated carbon filter (meaning the pollutants stick to the outside of the carbon), and then destroyed by the UV light that had also created a photocatalytic effect. The clean purified air is then dispersed out through the bottom vent. The carbon filter is replaceable and easily removed through the carbon filter slot on the side of the HUGO. It is recommended to replace the carbon filter every 3-6 months depending on use. Coverage: 650 sq. ft.
  • Mosquito & Insect Catcher – Hugo utilizes a 354nm purple light wave, which is mosquito’s favorite light, and also mimics the heat temperature of human skin to attract them in to the mosquito catching cylinder. In Mosquito mode, the center UV light cylinder will raise out of the Hugo and the fan sucks them into the cylinder where they are trapped, dehydrated and disposed of easily in the removable catch tray at the bottom. Hugo will attract and trap not just mosquitos, but also any flying insects. The Hugo can be brought outdoors into the backyard or patio to catch mosquitos and insects on a non-rainy day. Coverage: 1000 sq. ft.