Seamless construction to fulfil your body's various needs

The human body consists of different climate zones; while doing sports some areas are cool, some are warm and certain body parts sweat more than others. Depending on the athletic activity and the part of the body, the body has various needs, especially on cold days:

• Weather protection
• Insulation
• Moisture transport
• Freedom of movement

In order to fulfil these needs, which are sometimes opposing, with 1 piece of apparel, Odlo has worked with organic performance zones. While some zones have insulating characteristics, others are particularly breathable in contrast. In addition, fabrics incorporate an innovative 360° motion design for extra stretch at the knees and elbows to guarantee unlimited freedom of movement.
In comparison to traditional body mapping, the transition between these various zones simply flows - all achieved without bonding, seams or inset panels. The stimulus for the next generation of the Organic Body Mapping concept with organic, fluid zones was provided by the partnership with Zaha Hadid Design. The unrivalled, seamless transitions were realized thanks to ODLO’s extensive expertise in seamless knit technology.


• Great moisture management
• Extra comfort
• Freedom of movement