is a premium, hand-curated store to shop collections of the best gear. Find your proven favorites, as well as the most interesting new athlete-founded and designer-driven brands that you just can't find everywhere else.

Life isn’t meant to be lived second-hand, scrolling through others’ pics of dinners and dates. We are meant to get out and experience life first-hand. Every day in this world there are people - just like us - who are out there, getting after it: climbing, riding, running, laughing. THAT IS WHAT WE’RE ABOUT.

The right gear can open up a brand-new experience. People’s emotional bonds go much deeper once they experience something new or exhilarating together. And those bonds between people are the most satisfying parts of life.

Searching through hundreds of sleeping bags until you feel claustrophobic? Not so much.

So we bring you only the world’s best gear, and the most interesting new brands from designers and visionaries.

Our goal is to quickly get you the right gear, and get you out there. We bring you visions of how to use that gear to enrich your life. From interviews with world-class athletes, to highlights of great designers and thinkers. We deliver hand-curated gear collections focused on experiences, journeys, life and relationships.

If you’re keeping your gear pristine, you’re missing the point. Your gear is just a facilitator of experiences.

So get out there.

The same hour you spend scrolling through Instagram or searching the web – those exact same minutes of that exact same day – someone else is out there with their friends, their partner, or their kids, making a memory they’ll look back on with a knowing smile and an inside joke. That “sick day” when we went bouldering? That 24-hour mountain relay we crushed together?

Sometimes all it takes to start everything rolling is the right pair of shoes. And someone who’s willing to say, “We should totally do this…”

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