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Feel the fun and freedom of natural movement wearing Xero Shoes.

Xero Shoes

Inspired by the book “Born to Run,” sprinter Steven tried barefoot running. Before he knew it, he was running long distances without injuries. But not every surface felt fantastic on his bare feet. So, he decided to make some huarache running sandals using Vibram soles and attractive cords. Steven gave the first pair he made to Lena.

He said: Try these!
She said: Thanks, honey.

But she was really thinking “no thanks” as she put them away with disinterest. Until she read “Born to Run” herself; then she was intrigued. She first wore the sandals on a walk to the farmer’s market and realized how much they helped. With a few weeks of wear—gradually transitioning from supportive styles to the minimalist shoes as all wearers should—she felt her stride lightening and her body relaxing as she wore the huaraches.

The sandals were catching on with others, too. It seems everyone was realizing the benefits of wearing a minimalist running shoe: better awareness of body movement, more flexibility in the foot, stronger muscle fibers and fewer injuries. After sitting on the sidewalk of the University of Colorado making pairs for fellow members of Boulder Barefoot Running Club, Steven’s friend encouraged him to start a business. Steven initially declined but ended up pitching the idea to Lena in 2009.

He said: Let’s sell these huarache running sandals.
She said: Nah. We have enough going on already.

Steven built a website that night after Lena went to bed. Within three months, selling barefoot runners was a full-time gig. The company has since sold tens of thousands of huarache sandals worldwide and expanded its product line to include minimalist fitness shoes and casual shoes that enable your feet to sense stimuli regarding your equilibrium, position and motion.

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Kona - WomenKona - Women
Xero Shoes
Kona - Women Sale price$75.00
Speed Force II - WomenSpeed Force II - Women
Speed Force II - MenSpeed Force II - Men
HFS II - WomenHFS II - Women
HFS II - MenHFS II - Men
Xero Shoes
HFS II - Men Sale price$120.00
Kona - MenKona - Men
Xero Shoes
Kona - Men Sale price$75.00
Pagosa - WomenPagosa - Women
Pagosa - MenPagosa - Men
Ridgeway - MenRidgeway - Men
Scrambler Low - WomenScrambler Low - Women
Nexus Knit - WomenNexus Knit - Women
Xero Shoes
Nexus Knit - Women Sale price$110.00
Scrambler Low - MenScrambler Low - Men
Ridgeway - WomenRidgeway - Women
Xero Shoes
Ridgeway - Women Sale price$140.00
Nexus Knit - MenNexus Knit - Men
Xero Shoes
Nexus Knit - Men Sale price$110.00
Scrambler Mid - MenScrambler Mid - Men
Scrambler Mid - WomenScrambler Mid - Women
Sunrise - WomenSunrise - Women
Sunrise - MenSunrise - Men
Xero Shoes
Sunrise - Men Sale price$70.00
Prio Suede - WomenPrio Suede - Women
Prio Neo - WomenPrio Neo - Women
Xero Shoes
Prio Neo - Women Sale price$100.00
Prio Neo - MenPrio Neo - Men
Xero Shoes
Glenn Sale price$130.00
Dillon - WomenDillon - Women
Xero Shoes
Dillon - Women Sale price$100.00
Dillon - MenDillon - Men
Xero Shoes
Dillon - Men Sale price$100.00
Prio Suede - MenPrio Suede - Men
Mesa Trail II - WomenMesa Trail II - Women
Mesa Trail II - MenMesa Trail II - Men
Forza Trainer - WomenForza Trainer - Women
Forza Trainer - MenForza Trainer - Men
Forza Runner - WomenForza Runner - Women
Forza Runner - MenForza Runner - Men
Z-Trail - KidsZ-Trail - Kids
Xero Shoes
Z-Trail - Kids Sale price$60.00
Aqua Cloud - MenAqua Cloud - Men
Aqua Cloud - WomenAqua Cloud - Women
Xero Shoes
Gracie Sale price$80.00
TerraFlex II - WomenTerraFlex II - Women
TerraFlex II - MenTerraFlex II - Men
Xero Shoes
TerraFlex II - Men Sale price$110.00
Xero Shoes
Ashland Sale price$110.00
Kelso - MenKelso - Men
Xero Shoes
Kelso - Men Sale price$110.00
Kelso - WomenKelso - Women
Zelen - MenZelen - Men
Xero Shoes
Zelen - Men Sale price$130.00
Zelen - WomenZelen - Women
Xero Shoes
Zelen - Women Sale price$130.00
360 - Men360 - Men
Xero Shoes
360 - Men Sale price$119.99
360 - Women360 - Women
Xero Shoes
360 - Women Sale priceFrom $119.99
Tari BootsTari Boots
Xero Shoes
Tari Boots Sale price$134.99