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The love of the water is the constant that binds fishermen all together. From flies to tools, everything Umpqua does is made for the water.


Named for the 111-mile river in Oregon, the Umpqua brand was founded in 1972 by people who were passionate about fly fishing and delivering the highest quality flies. Umpqua products are built on the brilliance and passion of the best tyers for innovative fly designs that expand what’s possible when it comes to this type of angling. From flies to hook designs to packs and other fly fishing accessories, it’s easier to catch the best when you’re working with the best. At, we’re committed to sourcing the best products from top brands like Umpqua for our best customers like you.

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Upg Hd Box Lrg Magnum Midge BlueUpg Hd Box Lrg Magnum Midge Blue
Upg Lt Box Mini Tripper High OliveUpg Lt Box Mini Tripper High Olive
Upg Hd Box Lrg Weekender OliveUpg Hd Box Lrg Weekender Olive
Rivergrip NipperRivergrip Nipper
Rivergrip Nipper Sale price$6.99
Umpqua RetractorUmpqua Retractor
Umpqua Retractor Sale priceFrom $14.99
Rivergrip Scissor Clamp 6''Rivergrip Scissor Clamp 6''
4-Way Split Shot Assortment
Bug Flote
Bug Flote Sale price$6.99
Leader Straightener
Leader Straightener Sale price$6.99
Dreamstream Magnetic Net Release Black
ZS2 Steamboat 1200 Sling PackZS2 Steamboat 1200 Sling Pack
ZS2 Rock Creek Chest PackZS2 Rock Creek Chest Pack
ZS2 Overlook 500 Chest Pack
ZS2 Ledges Waist PackZS2 Ledges Waist Pack
ZS2 Ledges Waist Pack Sale priceFrom $119.99
UPG LT Box Mini Midge BlueUPG LT Box Mini Midge Blue
UPG LT Box Mini Magmidge High BlueUPG LT Box Mini Magmidge High Blue
UPG LT Box Lrg High Magnum Midge BlueUPG LT Box Lrg High Magnum Midge Blue
UPG LT Box High Weekender OliveUPG LT Box High Weekender Olive
UPG HD Box Lrg Walk About OliveUPG HD Box Lrg Walk About Olive
Umpqua Fly AssortmentsUmpqua Fly Assortments
Umpqua Fly Assortments Sale priceFrom $49.99
Beginners Fly Tying Kit