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Selle Italia

Selle Italia's legacy began in the village of Corsico in 1897, where its original aim was to create bicycle saddles for the everyday commuter. Led by the vision of the Bigolin family, Selle Italia has kept up with the evolution of the bicycle and is now viewed as the top source for high-end bicycle saddles throughout the world. Selle Italia is fiercely dedicated to the continual quality improvement of their saddles. Their fearless engineers always seek new materials and construction techniques to elevate their products. Backed with solid research and innovative technology, such as 3D body-scanning to create ultra customization, their bicycle saddle is the premium product among cycling champions.

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SLR Boost X-Cross SuperflowSLR Boost X-Cross Superflow
X-LR Kit Carbonio SuperflowX-LR Kit Carbonio Superflow
LADY Gel FlowLADY Gel Flow
Selle Italia
LADY Gel Flow Sale price$129.99
SLR Boost Kit CarbonioSLR Boost Kit Carbonio
Novus Boost EvoNovus Boost Evo
Selle Italia
Novus Boost Evo Sale priceFrom $359.99
Flite Boost Gravel SuperflowFlite Boost Gravel Superflow
Flite Boost X-Cross SuperflowFlite Boost X-Cross Superflow
Max S 5 SuperflowMax S 5 Superflow
X-Bow SuperflowX-Bow Superflow
Selle Italia
X-Bow Superflow Sale price$74.99
X-Bow Superflow TIX-Bow Superflow TI
Selle Italia
X-BOW Sale price$119.99
X-LR TM Air Cross SuperflowX-LR TM Air Cross Superflow
Selle Italia
Donna Sale price$74.99
Flite Boost SuperflowFlite Boost Superflow
Flite Boost Kit CarbonioFlite Boost Kit Carbonio
Novus SuperFlow EnduranceNovus SuperFlow Endurance
Flite Boost TMFlite Boost TM
Selle Italia
Flite Boost TM Sale price$169.99
Novus Boost Gravel HeritageNovus Boost Gravel Heritage
S 3 FlowS 3 Flow
Selle Italia
S 3 Flow Sale price$59.99
SLR Lady Boost SuperFlowSLR Lady Boost SuperFlow
SLR Boost SuperflowSLR Boost Superflow
Selle Italia
SLR C59 Sale price$579.99
SLR Superflow 130SLR Superflow 130
SLR Superflow 145SLR Superflow 145
DIVA Gel SuperflowDIVA Gel Superflow
X-LR SuperflowX-LR Superflow
Selle Italia
X-LR Superflow Sale price$179.99