Comfortable and collapsible, Pakems are designed to accompany you on outdoor adventures. Slip them on, sit back and relax without footwear fatigue.

Wearing a pair of Pakems is like happy hour for your feet. So it’s only fitting that Julie Adams, a former employment lawyer, found her entrepreneurial spirit after a few beers.

Despite being in the Italian Alps on a sunny afternoon, Adams was uncomfortable sitting in her ski boots. She took them off so she could fully enjoy the experience. But when her friends finished their runs and she decided to buy them a round of drinks, she had to put those bulky boots back on to walk to the bar. The desire to drink beer comfortably after skiing on that 2011 day was the inspiration behind Pakems.

Prototype testing started just over a year later. By 2017, the company was finally ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign. Today, the company makes a variety of packable shoes and boots that rival the comfort of your favorite slippers but are stylish enough to be worn in public. A crossbody bag with compression straps is also included with every pair for convenient carry. And this footwear isn’t just popular with skiiers—commuters swap out high heels on the subway for Pakems and climbers sometimes use them as approach shoes. Pakems are also popular with travelers, rafters and hikers.

The company is about more than pampering your feet after a long day of work or play, however. The words “be kind” are printed on the inside liner of every product. This is part of a social awareness campaign designed to promote positive interactions with one another. Thank you, Pakems, for making the world a more enjoyable place for all of us.

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