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Made of natural and reclaimed materials, Original Grain watches represent a 'piece of time' not to be forgotten. Only using is wood that is either repurposed or certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Original Grain

The founders of Original Grain, Ryan and Andrew Beltran, draw their inspiration for each watch from their Pacific Northwest roots. With an unyielding dedication to both renewable resources and stark originality, these brothers have crafted timepieces that have set a powerful precedent for what luxury can be. In the pursuit of beautiful and authentic craftsmanship, Old Grain also does not compromise on reliable function. Using traditional woodworking techniques, these watches are solid, highly water-resistant, and can endure wear and tear. Fearlessly navigate any trail without the worry of damage. Whether your preferred pathway is in the boardroom or on the mountain, these watches perfectly adapt to any wearer.

Original Grain

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