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Murf Electric Bikes was born with one key goal: create high quality electric bikes at affordable prices. Their mission is to introduce everyone to the new e-bike phenomenon.

Murf Electric Bikes

The Murf brand was conceived by those who understood the need for a superior solution for the two-wheel life. Electric bikes bridged an important gap for these riders: the need to quickly reach remote spaces that provided plenty of space for parking bikes. Murf electric bikes prioritize speed, reliability, comfort, and style, elevating the game with high-performance bikes featuring high-quality components. How you do a thing matters and your best journey becomes better on a set of wheels from Murf.

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The Fat Murf™The Fat Murf™
The Fat Murf Step-ThruThe Fat Murf Step-Thru
The Alpha CargoThe Alpha Cargo
The Izzy Step-ThruThe Izzy Step-Thru
The Alpha MurfThe Alpha Murf