Kong provides maximum protection for human lives, and with the dream that men will “hang” while climbing peaks they innovate the gear to take you there.

Kong Panic SystemKong Panic System

Kong Panic System

From $33.30
Kong Duck Rope ClampKong Duck Rope Clamp
Sold out
Kong X-Large Carbon SteelKong X-Large Carbon Steel
Sold out
Kong ProgKong Prog

Kong Prog

From $45


Kong TangoKong Tango

Kong Tango

From $24.30
Kong Steel OvalKong Steel Oval

Kong Steel Oval

From $19.80
Kong Speleagle Hammer
Sold out
Kong Roll
Sold out

Kong Roll

Kong Resting FifiKong Resting Fifi

Kong Resting Fifi

From $5.40
Kong Rescue 8Kong Rescue 8

Kong Rescue 8

From $36
Kong Oka Multi Descender
Sold out
Kong Kosmos HelmetKong Kosmos Helmet

Kong Kosmos Helmet

From $16.20
Kong Hydrobot
Sold out

Kong Hydrobot

Kong GigiKong Gigi

Kong Gigi

Kong Ghost Belay Device
Sold out

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