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Hayes strives to deliver the most powerful brakes on the market with unrivaled feel and modulation.


Twenty years ago, Hayes changed the face of mountain biking forever with the release of the HFX-Mag. The Mag was a brake system that was durable, and reliable, and didn’t need someone in a lab coat to explain how to set it up. The design set the standard for most offerings available today. Hayes is continuously refining their products based on the ever-changing demands of riders – while still avoiding headaches for the backyard bike mechanic. Built into each Hayes disc brake is the power, feel, and dependability you need to get the most out of every ride. Today, confidence is the benchmark for everything Hayes develops and produces. They now serve customers in more than 50 countries with warehouses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. With more than six decades of brake experience, Hayes has earned the trust and respect of elite riders worldwide. Hayes has been surpassing industry standards and setting the curve in performance for decades. The people who design these brakes are the same people who listen to other riders and ride themselves.

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