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Since 1818 Grivel manufactures mountain equipment. From the experience of 200 years, we imagine the future, to create ever more innovative products


Every person has their own mountains to climb, experience, and conquer. For over 200 years, Grivel has crafted and produced high-performance mountaineering equipment used by adventurers all over the world. The brand originated on the Italian side of Mont Blanc in 1818 and it is still based there, reflecting its legacy in exploration and discovery at high elevations. From climbing devices to tools to outerwear and more, Grivel recognizes that each climber brings something different, yet wonderful, to each mountain. At, it is our privilege to partner with Grivel to bring you the right gear to support your passion and drive for reaching new levels.

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Grivel Skimatic 2.0 Ski Boot CramponsGrivel Skimatic 2.0 Ski Boot Crampons
Grivel Ski Tour - New Matic
Grivel Rappel Kit
Grivel Rappel Kit Sale price$419.99
Grivel Rapido 18L BackpackGrivel Rapido 18L Backpack
Grivel Raid Pro 25Grivel Raid Pro 25
Grivel Raid Pro 25 Sale price$149.99
Grivel Radical Light 21
Grivel Racing Crampon Bolt OnGrivel Racing Crampon Bolt On
Grivel Parete 30L BackpackGrivel Parete 30L Backpack
Grivel North Machine Carbon Vario Blade SystemsGrivel North Machine Carbon Vario Blade Systems
Grivel North Machine Alloy Vario Blade SystemsGrivel North Machine Alloy Vario Blade Systems
Grivel Nepal Axe
Grivel Nepal Axe Sale priceFrom $99.00
Grivel Monte Bianco Axe
Grivel Mistral HarnessGrivel Mistral Harness
Grivel Light Machine Vario Blade SystemsGrivel Light Machine Vario Blade Systems
Grivel Helix Ice ScrewsGrivel Helix Ice Screws
Grivel Gzero AxeGrivel Gzero Axe
Grivel Gzero Axe Sale price$84.99
Grivel Ghost Tech Axe 45cm
Grivel Ghost Evo 2.0 With HammerGrivel Ghost Evo 2.0 With Hammer
Grivel Ghost Evo 2.0 With AdzGrivel Ghost Evo 2.0 With Adz
Grivel Ghost 2.0 Axe With Hammer
Grivel Ghost 2.0 Axe With Adz
Grivel Freedom 40Grivel Freedom 40
Grivel Freedom 40 Sale price$199.99
Grivel Falesia Rope BagGrivel Falesia Rope Bag
Grivel Duetto HelmetsGrivel Duetto Helmets
Grivel Duetto Helmets Sale price$169.99
Grivel Dark Machine XGrivel Dark Machine X
Grivel Dark Machine X Sale price$449.99
Grivel Dark MachineGrivel Dark Machine
Grivel Dark Machine Sale price$419.99
Grivel A&D Ascender DescenderGrivel A&D Ascender Descender
Grivel 360 Easy-Rack Ice ScrewsGrivel 360 Easy-Rack Ice Screws
Double Spring Evo Leash
A1 AscenderA1 Ascender
A1 Ascender Sale price$69.99