Even if "roughing it" is your preferred type of camping, you may still appreciate some of life's little comforts when you're spending the night outside. No matter if you like your camping trips to come equipped with modern-day luxuries or you like the challenge of being as self-sufficient as possible during your time in the wild, a camping cot can make a huge difference in your overall experience and enjoyment. Go-Kot camping cots get you up off the ground and provide a comfortable spot to rest your head and body, allowing you to awake refreshed and ready for whatever adventures the next day has in store.

Go-Kot is the authority on providing durable, portable and easy-to-use sleeping arrangements for when your bedroom isn't nearby. Weighing in at as low as nine pounds, the brand's cots are incredibly easy to pack up and carry along on any journey. Fold and store your Go-Kot in the included carry bag and then just simply grab it and go when nature begins calling for you to get out and explore. The Go-Kot is small and light enough that it can easily be stashed with the rest of your gear in the car, carried along in your backpack or even attached to your motorcycle.

Go-Kot is proud to handcraft each of its camping cots right here in the United States. Every cot is built to high quality standards and is meant to withstand years of use in a range of conditions. The brand is so confident in the quality and durability of its products that it expects each to last for a lifetime and guarantees against defects in both workmanship or materials for three years. The cots are relatively simple in design, but that design is a very thoughtful one that allows for easy assembly. The materials have been carefully chosen to ensure each cot is reliable and strong. The fabric covers on the cots are fashioned from tough 1000 denier nylon. The frame of each Go-Kot is practically indestructible as they are manufactured from aircraft-grade materials. The nearly unbreakable hinges are heavy duty and are tested to withstand high impacts. The cot's galvanized legs are made from strong and durable steel.

The good people behind Go-Kot thrill at the idea of providing others with the simple luxury of comfort while they enjoy their wild adventures and journeys, but their work goes beyond offering up a product perfect for camping. Go-Kot has dedicated itself to helping people from all walks of life and facing many different situations to get off the ground. The veteran- and women-owned company feels strongly about supporting missionary work, local homeless ministries and the men and women working in the military and as first responders. Go-Kot's goal is to lift up all and give them a supportive and comfortable place to rest.

At Gear.com, we like to play hard and nothing rejuvenates us quite like a good night's rest. After a wonderful, long and exhausting day of adventure, having a comfortable place to sleep sets us up for success to meet the next day's excitement head-on. There are a number of products on the market that promise to help you get a better night's rest on your camping trip, but what we really love about Go-Kot is its commitment to giving everyone a hand and getting them up off the ground. We feel good about resting our heads on Go-Kot camping cots not only because they stand the test of time and are amazingly comfortable, but also because these cots are providing comfort to people in need all over the world.

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