Inspired by climbers of all ages and abilities, Cypher Climbing makes exceptional gear to help you touch the sky.

Cypher Climbing, a small company based out of Utah, is quickly earning a reputation with climbers across the country. Its expertly constructed, competitively priced carabiners rival those of more established companies, as do its quickdraws, harnesses and shoes.

Every member of the Cypher team believes in the power of rock climbing. They are the friends that talk you on a ledge by putting on climbing clinics and supporting the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance. Each of the company’s products is deliberately designed to help climbers of all ages and abilities touch the sky.

Whether your little one is strapping on a pair of shoes for the first time or you are personally reaching for the glory jug on an advanced route, rely on Cypher Climbing’s line of gear and accessories for a safe, enjoyable experience.

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