Add a pop of personality to your outdoor wardrobe wearing a unique trucker hat, handstitched by the folks at Blowfish Designs.

White Salmon, Hood River’s northerly neighbor, is more than just a small town with an outdoorsy vibe. It’s also home to Blowfish Designs, a hatmaker that aims to connect people and places through its products.

Its trucker hats are hand stitched, imperfect by design. Front fabric is selected for short runs, keeping the product selection as fun and fresh as possible. Founders Chris and Erin also collaborate with artists to create prints that give you a sense of place—from watershed maps to night skies and other natural wonders.

In addition to running Blowfish Designs, Erin works as a teaching artist in the Hood River area. Her focus is on creating tangible works of art using existing fabrics and upcycled clothing. It’s this kind of creativity and resourcefulness that makes Blowfish Designs a darling in the outdoor industry.

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