What to Wear Mountain Biking

There are various ways to get outside and immerse yourself in nature, and mountain biking is no exception. If you’re new to mountain biking, you’ve come to the right place to learn more—particularly about what to wear mountain biking. You’ve picked an enjoyable, very fast-paced hobby to try out. Just be sure to equip yourself and dress appropriately. Our team at Gear.com offers premium quality products, including clothes to wear for mountain biking.

Accessories and Clothes to Wear Mountain Biking

Gear.com offers a selection of hand-curated clothing and biking accessories chosen specifically to make your shopping process easier and to fit your mountain biking needs.


What to wear for mountain biking starts with your basics: a top and a bottom. We have everything from biking shorts to biking suits. It’s important to find the right clothing items that will be comfortable while biking and provide you with needed protection. Mountain biking is exhilarating and fun, especially going through trees and over craggy, rocky areas. While beautiful and physically challenging, these areas can be full of possibilities for you to get scratched up. The proper clothing can help protect you in such instances. Once you’ve selected these clothing necessities, you can move on to the next pieces. 


Gear.com’s selection of biking footwear is sure to get you started on the right foot. Not many realize the importance of having the right footwear when cycling, but it’s a crucial element in your mountain biking gear. Cycling shoes help you pedal uphill faster, give you more control over your bike, and provide greater stability when biking. Your cycling shoes will also have stiffer soles, allowing you to pedal with more power, making each rotation more efficient and saving you energy as you bike. 

Protective Accessories

Your mountain biking experience will be more enjoyable when you’re protected in the right ways. Our protective accessories include knee and shin guards, padded biking gloves, and elbow pads. You’ll also want to invest in protective eyewear and a helmet. Goggles or eyewear are a crucial accessory because when mountain biking, you’re likely zipping past all kinds of things that could cause damage to your eyes and potentially cause a crash. Bugs, leaves, dust, and more run rampant during mountain biking, so your eyes must be protected so you can see clearly and navigate. Similarly, a helmet is non-negotiable for mountain biking. Protect your head from branches, leaves, and even rocks, and ensure you have a safe and fun time out on the trail. 

Mountain Biking Gear with Gear.com

Get equipped to go out on the mountain biking trails today when you shop Gear.com’s lineup of hand-curated, premium-quality mountain biking accessories and clothing.

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