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Article: Top Travel Bags: What to Look For

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Top Travel Bags: What to Look For

Whatever your plans, has the top travel bags for you. Vacationing for days or weeks can be exciting. Minimize any travel-related stress by choosing reliable, safe, and easy-to-use travel bags. Here’s our helpful guide on what to look for in luggage options and where to find them. 

Types of Travel Bags

Luggage isn’t the sexiest part of traveling. However, using luggage that’s cumbersome or the kind that easily breaks down will make your trip less fun than it should be. Choose your travel bags well. Think about your upcoming trip, what or how much you want to pack, and shop around. Putting some thought into this ahead of time will prevent headaches later. 

Rolling Travel Bags

Four-wheeled bags, or spinners, glide more easily than two-wheeled bags. Two-wheeled bags usually come with slightly larger wheels, which are easier to pull up and over street curbs. You can also stow them without having to tilt anything back and can wheel them alongside you while walking. Either way, look for a rolling travel bag with high-quality wheels rather than plastic ones that can easily crack and break. 

Carry-On Bags

Every airline has its own size and weight restrictions for carry-on luggage. Domestic carriers have their own size and weight restrictions. If you’re using carry-on luggage in addition to larger suitcases, duffel bags or gym bags tend to be easiest to carry alongside something bigger. 

If you’re only using a carry-on bag, find one that has enough space and compartments so you can pack essentials and keep them organized. Always be prepared to check this bag if necessary. Consider locks, hard exteriors, etc., just in case this happens to you. 

Backpack Bags for Travel

Sometimes, backpacks are just what you need for a weekend adventure. They especially come in handy for off-the-road trips to more rural or rugged destinations. Traveling backpacks are also the bags of choice for single travelers walking a lot, whether it’s on European town-to-town treks or hikes up a mountain or two.

If you need to be on the go, no matter where you're traveling, a backpack can be far easier than heavy luggage no matter where you're traveling. Many traveling backpacks allow you to stay organized with lots of pockets and compartments with plenty of room for all your essentials. These look very different from the backpacks you had in school and have waterproof features, hip belts, and padded straps for a comfortable carry. 

Large, Checked Baggage

When you need to bring boots, coats, or lots of toiletries, get a larger suitcase with plenty of room for some serious traveling. Find a bag made for checking in with locks or secure zippers, sturdy handles, or even a hard exterior shell. Look for features that make it easier to transport the luggage while keeping your belongings safe. Keep in mind that most airlines will charge you extra if your bag weighs more than 50 lbs. 

Overnight Travel Bags

Small bags for traveling overnight allow you to get away more easily. You want something sturdy and well-made with room for a few changes of clothes and organizational options to keep everything comfortably secure while out and about. These bags can be used as personal items on flights. Check your favorite airlines for size dimensions, and make sure your bag adheres to those.

Safe Travels!

We have the traveling gear you need to get there in style no matter where you're going. Find the best bags for travel at today.

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