Scholarship Winner: Havilah Brown

One of the things that first caught our eye about Havilah is her love of sustainability and environmentally friendly business practices. Because of this, a few of her favorite brands are Coalatree, Indosole and BioLite - all companies that are environmentally friendly. When it comes to buying gear, Havilah tries to buy second hand, but if she must buy something new, she likes knowing that it came from a responsible source. 

You can catch Havilah hiking or climbing during her free time. While any time outdoors is a good time, two of her all-time favorite places are Yosemite National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Since she grew up visiting these parks, they hold a special place in her heart. Every time she visits is a new adventure, with so many amazing views and trails to explore. After all, slowing down and enjoying the peacefulness of nature is key to a good life. 

You can follow Havilah’s adventures here at or on Instagram at @havilah.danielle.

Age: 22
Being outside makes me feel: Being outside helps me feel connected to myself and God. It helps me process my thoughts and brings me happiness to look at all the insanely beautiful things we have to enjoy outdoors. Like trees alone, don’t even get me started on how cool trees are. My favorite place to be is sitting on my surfboard in the ocean. Something about sitting peacefully in something so powerful and capable of so much destruction blows my mind and will never ever get old. 
My hero:  I’m not sure I have someone I consider my hero, but someone I deeply admire for his balance of gentleness and passion is Martin Luther King Jr.. He faced such deep hatred and violence yet never fought back with hatred or violence. His writings and speeches continue to teach us an important lesson about how our words have impact but how much more powerful our actions are when making a difference. 
What kinds of adventures will the gear on your wishlist make possible? 
One of my favorite things to be able to do is take people with me on outside adventures. To introduce someone to a new activity they don’t usually do is really exciting for both me and them! The outdoors have given me a space to ground myself in so I love sharing that sacredness with others. Some of my favorite memories with friends have been made alongside them on an outdoor adventure. This extra gear helps me to be able to bring people along with me to do awesome outdoor things they wouldn’t be able to without it! Taking people outside also helps them to understand why promoting environmental justice and conservation is so important. They get to experience the beauty of very thing we are fighting to preserve first hand, which usually inspires them to get involved somehow. 
How will you pay it forward to your community? 
My favorite way to serve my community is through volunteering, you get to really connect with people! I am really interested in serving vulnerable populations and understanding how to help them move out of vulnerability. I have traveled internationally to five different countries to volunteer with local outreach organizations. Currently when I have time, I volunteer in a medical clinic in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco! I am passionate about making a difference in the homeless community of SF, whether it just be helping someone feel heard and feel human or connecting them with the resources they need. 
In five years, I want to be: 
I just graduated nursing school this spring, so in five years I would love to be working an awesome nursing job and volunteering at a nonprofit in my free time. Also being a more experienced and stronger climber, hiker, and surfer by then would be pretty rad too. 
Bagels or Donuts: Bagels!
Ocean or mountains: Can I say both?? I’ll say both. 
Three things on your bucket list: 
1. Fly in an F-18 fighter jet
2. Finish a triathlon
3. Hike through Patagonia
Three words my friends would use to describe me:
1. Compassionate
2. Empathetic
3. Diligent 
Favorite book: 
Any of the books in the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis
Favorite movie: 
Inception or any of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films
Favorite cause: 
Homeless intervention and prevention
Outdoor misadventure story, and what did you learn from the experience? 
The first time I hiked the Upper Yosemite Falls trail in Yosemite Valley I failed to fuel well because halfway up I started to “bonk,” as my dad calls it. I was cramping badly and had no gas left in the tank. The last 1,500 feet of switchbacks absolutely sucked. Then turning around and going back down was somehow suckier? Failing to fuel: 0 out of 10, would not recommend. It taught me how important it is to eat a balanced breakfast before you leave on a challenging adventure and to bring electrolytes with you to re-fuel as you go!
If I’m not at school or outside, I am:  
Doing a yoga flow or taking a picture of something
Anything else? 
I would like to thank for this amazing gift to use to give back to my community! And thanks to mom and dad for instilling the love of the outdoors in me, I wouldn’t be who I am today without you two. 

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Simply amazing! God bless ya!

Jon Vattuone November 23, 2020

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