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Article: Our Top Five Scariest Places to Camp

Our Top Five Scariest Places to Camp

Our Top Five Scariest Places to Camp


#1 Goblin Valley, Green River, Utah

Goblin Valley is one of earth's most interesting landscapes. The combination of soft sandstone mixed with areas of harder rock and millions of years of erosion has created thousands of rock formations called hoodoos (also called goblins, hence the name of the valley). These formations vary in height from inches to 15 or more feet. Sometimes a rock that is several feet in diameter is balanced on a sandstone pillar than is much smaller in diameter. While it looks like the rock is about to fall, one must remember that these formations took millions of years to form and it's extremely unlikely that one would ever fall in the presence of a human being. But it's still kinda scary.


#2 Dead Horse Point, Moab, Utah

Dead Horse Point sits about two thousand feet above the meandering Colorado river and presents one of the Mother Nature's most impressive topographical delights. Legend has it that nineteenth century cowboys would use the peninsula to corral wild horses. One time, for reasons unknown, the horses were left stranded on the peninsula and died of exposure on the sun-drenched sandstone at 5,900 feet elevation.


#3 Bara-Hack Settlement, Pomfret, Connecticut

Bara-Hack Settlement, aside from having a name that conjures visions of old Friday the 13th movies, is a famously haunted abandoned settlement in the heavily-wooded Connecticut countryside. Founded in the late 1700s by a couple of families from Rhode Island, the settlement never grew into much of a town. However, they did build a waterwheel and mill and a few buildings. The area was abandoned around the time of the Civil War and only foundations of the old buildings remain. However, legend has it that ghostly noises can be heard at night and a bearded spectre occasionally wanders the old graveyard. 


#4 Vulture Gold Mine, Wickenburg, Arizona

Vulture Gold Mine in Wickenburg Arizona was the most productive gold mine in Arizona history - in operation from 1863 to 1942. During the late 1800s, when miners were caught trying to steal gold, they were hanged. 18 miners met this demise, and some are said to haunt the area to this day. The ghost town nearby presents a fascinating glimpse of what the town looked like over a century ago. 


#5 East 8 Mile Road, Stockton, California

This notorious stretch of road near Stockton California is said to be haunted by many a person on the internet. Some say that a ghostly girl is often seen appearing and disappearing in the middle of the road. Others say that the spirits of ancient native Americans haunt the area in protest of the development that has occurred over the years in one of their ancient sacred burial areas. 

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