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Article: Live Life by Bike with State Bicycle Co.

Live Life by Bike with State Bicycle Co.

Live Life by Bike with State Bicycle Co.

Founded in 2009 by cyclists eager to help others fall in love with cycling, State Bicycle Co. has made it their mission to inspire and foster enthusiasm for life lived on bikes. To accomplish their mission the team at State has dedicated themselves to making bikes meant to enhance the experience of both the beginner and expert alike, all while keeping fun at the heart and soul of their products. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re pedaling thousands of miles or just a few, State Bicycles believes that it isn’t the miles that makes you a true cyclist, but your mindset. Made by cyclists for cyclists, the team at State Bicycle Co. understand that there isn’t a one size fits all bike for every adventure. In order to make living life on bikes easier and more accessible, State Bicycle Co. creates high-integrity, reliable, and comfortable bicycles for every kind of adventure. 

Embracing the cycling mindset is the easy part of living life by bike, the hard part is trying to find the right bike that will fit your needs. Do you want an all-road bike or a road bike? What’s the difference?  This is where we come in. We’ve turned to State Bicycle Co. to help you find the bike that doesn’t just fit you, but the lifestyle you’re building. 

All-Road Bikes 

As the name suggests, an all-road bike is built to go from paved roads and bike trails to hardpack and lighter gravel trails. Geared for the extra miles as well as the hard miles, all-road bikes are designed to be comfortable on uneven terrain, featuring wider tires to help eat up some of the bumps you’ll run into as you get off the beaten path. 

If you’re determined to get as far away from pavement as possible, the SBC Klunker is the bike for you. Part beach cruiser, part mountain bike, and part BMX bike, this frankenstein of a bicycle is tougher than you and ready for whatever you can throw at it. Built to be the ultimate “DGAF” bike, the Klunker requires almost no maintenance.

Sometimes speed and versatility are more important than brute durability, and if that rings true for you then the SBC 6061 and 4130 are worth considering. The 6061 features an aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork, where the 4130 has a solid steel frame. Both bikes come with a choice between 700c or 650b wheels, offering greater versatility and letting you go further and faster. 

Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes can technically be any bike, but State Bicycle Co City Bike has been built for your comfort and convenience. Melding modern utility and old-school aesthetics, these elegant bikes have a relaxed geometry to accommodate any level of rider. From commutes to campus or work, to cruising through the weekend, the City Bike is meant to get you from A to B in comfort and style. 

The City Bike is a modern take on a timeless design, with commuter minded features that make this bike an instant classic. Old school style fenders on the tires and a chain guard work to keep you and your bike clean no matter what weather you’re commuting. With cush 35c tires, leatherette handle grips, and a wide saddle, the City Bike will take you to work in comfort. 

State Bicycle Co. offers the City Bike with either a standard frame or a step through frame, and it comes in a variety of different colors, giving you room for personal expression and flair as you explore the world by bike. Oh, and did we mention the City Bike has a bottle opener integrated into the frame? 

Road Bikes 

A lot of different kinds of bikes can be categorized as a road bike with wide ranges of materials, features, and price points. A road bike is built to go as far and as fast as your legs can carry you on paved surfaces. Road bikes range from incredibly aerodynamic pieces of art made from carbon fiber and Vibranium that cost more than your car, to entry level bikes designed to help people get out and explore the world by bike. 

This is where the Core-Line bikes come in. In order to help people embrace the cycling lifestyle, State Bicycle Co. developed the Core-Line. Starting at $399, the Core-Line brings the cost of a quality bike way down, making it more accessible to more people. A single speed bike with a solid steel frame, the Core-Line is everything you need in a bike and nothing you don’t. 

Pedal to Pavement (or Anywhere Else) 

Whether you’re taking your bike as far away from civilization as your legs will take you, or navigating the city on two wheels instead of four, living life by bike will bring more adventure, joy, and discovery to your life. Bikes aren’t just an investment in the adventures ahead, but in the journeys that will take you there. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed or how many miles are between you and your destination, the joy of living life by bike is found in the space between A and B. 

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