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Article: Boundary Supply: Sustainable Travel Bags

Boundary Supply: Sustainable Travel Bags

Boundary Supply: Sustainable Travel Bags

Born in Salt Lake City, Boundary Supply was founded in 2016 by seasoned travelers with a passion for sustainability and a vision to change the way we travel. Some of the world’s most spectacular destinations are in danger from climate change and other consequences of unsustainable practices. Setting out to curb the appetite of consumerism, Boundary Supply created backpacks and travel bags with a unique modular system made from sustainable materials. With a goal to help us get anywhere we need to go in a more organized and eco-friendly way, the creatives at Boundary Supply have revolutionized the way we travel to make every journey just as meaningful and as enjoyable as the final destination.

Curbing Consumerism

To bring their vision and innovative designs to life, the Boundary badasses first had to find the right material. They needed something that was durable as hell and remarkably lightweight, all while being sustainably produced and environmentally friendly. Surprisingly enough, they found their answer on a racing yacht of all places. During a race, the sails on yachts are put under tremendous pressure by strong winds and harsh waves without any shelter from the sun. X-Pac, the material these sails are made from, was developed by sailmakers by bonding multiple layers of tough, lightweight material through heat and pressure. The end result was a waterproof sail stronger and lighter than traditional sails — and, in Boundary Supply’s case, stronger and lighter than your traditional travel pack. 

Taking a material that made all the difference in a race across the sea and incorporating it into their products, Boundary’s bags are designed to be far more durable and travel friendly than your standard carry-on. This means more room to pack with the removal of unnecessary bag weight, all with added durability. This allows you to travel confidently, knowing that no matter where you’re headed, your pack can keep up. 

As Boundary continues expanding their product line to push the envelope of what we can expect from everyday backpacks and travel bags, they keep their eyes peeled for environmentally-friendly super fabrics. This principled approach led them to seek out Bluesign certified materials. For those unfamiliar, earning a Bluesign certification means fabrics and materials are subjected to rigorous standards to ensure they’re good for both people and the planet. As a critical part of Boundary’s mission to make our journeys more sustainable, all of their 18 (and growing) fabrics and materials are Bluesign certified.

Packs that Adapt

Armed with the toughest eco-friendly materials available, Boundary has brought their innovative designs to life with their unique and highly customizable modular packing systems. What’s a modular packing system? Great question. Modular packing at its core means organizing one bag into separate functioning compartments. Since every journey is unique, Boundary wanted to create compartments that would change and adapt to each person’s needs. They’ve created four optimized packing systems that help you personalize the way you travel, each designed with unique qualities to become the perfect bag for whatever your journey looks like. 

  • Arris System: The perfect size for long flights or weekend getaways, making the most of the room in your overhead compartment. 
  • Errant System: Designed to optimize your everyday commute with an organization system for everything you need. 
  • Prima System: A workhorse for traveling professionals or those that don’t believe in packing light. 
  • Rennen System: Made for casual everyday use, ideal for students and professionals with light commutes.

Journey Before Destination

Boundary has changed the way you travel by combining organizational efficiency and environmental efficiency. Everything runs smoother when your stuff is organized, and Boundary’s modular systems are here to alleviate any of the stress that can sometimes come with traveling. From Bluesign certified materials to their endlessly customizable designs, Boundary’s backpacks can help you find joy and meaning in your journey, whether you’re just running to the office or heading out to a bucket list destination. Pushing the boundaries of their bags as you push the boundaries of your travels and commute, Boundary proves that in the end, having the right bag can make the biggest difference — not only for you, but also for the planet. 

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