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Article: Be Bold with Po Campo

Be Bold with Po Campo

Be Bold with Po Campo

During a semester abroad in Germany, Po Campo founder Maria Boustead discovered that biking was an incredible way to navigate European cities. Biking allowed her to add adventure and exercise to her commute, all while more being eco-friendly and affordable than a car. Perhaps most importantly, biking was just more fun. Pedaling through the streets of Germany reignited the sense of magic and freedom in Maria that all kids experience on their first bike.

Be Bold

As a product designer, Maria carried a lot of things to and from work each day, or even when she was out running errands. The bike wasn’t going anywhere, and she needed a bag that was both practical and professional. Her challenge became finding a way to attach her work bag to her bike (without using a bungee cord, thank you very much) ideally in a way that looked great no matter where she went. Unable to find a bag that checked all the boxes and certain that others were encountering the same problem, she decided to design her own product. This led Maria to create the perfect bag — one that fit her bike, all while being stylish and professional enough for use at the office. Po Campo was born.

When Maria founded Po Campo in 2009, the biking world was dominated by men focused on the athletic and competitive aspect of cycling. Maria felt that for many people, biking was more than a sport — it was a lifestyle. She set out to create a product that would be more inclusive and accessible to everyone within a growing and evolving bike culture.

Be Purposeful

With all the thoughtfulness that went into creating Po Campo, it’s no surprise to learn that Maria firmly believes impact matters. One of the benefits to moving by bike is the positive effect it can have on the environment, and it was important to Maria that her bags match the efforts of her customers to create a more sustainable world. In attempt to prioritize the planet, Po Campo uses Repreve, a fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, in their bags whenever possible. This combination of sustainable practices with a sustainable product helps customers to make a more positive impact on not only the environment, but also their communities.

Be Engaged

While in Germany, Maria’s semester was enriched by her bicycle. Commuting by bike, she began engaging with her community in a new, unique way. The people, the culture, and the environment became beautiful parts of her every day. This engagement is one of the beauties of trading seatbelts for bike helmets, and it’s what pushed Maria to interact with the world and communities around her. Core to the brand, Po Campo believes that we all thrive through this kind of involvement.

In order to help customers engage with the world in a personal and meaningful way, Maria and her team at Po Campo have introduced the “Your Purpose. Your Choice. Our Donation” program. When you purchase a Po Campo bag, Po Campo will donate 1% of its MSRP to a charity of your choice.

Have Fun

While committed to product and culture rich with meaningful purpose, Po Campo is just as dedicated to fun by making it easier for people to explore the contours of their communities. As biking became a bigger part of Maria’s life, so did her experiences with those around her. Maria tries to share the sense of freedom and wonder she experienced in Germany by creating bike bags that hold everything you need, no matter where you’re headed. And hopefully, that’s somewhere fun

Expand Your Horizons

Maria built Po Campo on the values of being bold, purposeful, engaged, and having fun. Po Campo’s bags are designed to help you adopt these values into your own life. You might not be pedaling around Germany on a semester abroad, but no matter where you are, there’s an opportunity to explore the world from two wheels rather than four. With Po Campo’s bags on your bike or your shoulder, you’re sure to find a greater sense of wonder in your day-to-day routines — wherever it is they take you.

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