#5to9 | The Cope Brothers

Ryan, Spencer and Austin, Founders of WANDRD always searched for a lifestyle that allowed them to travel more. After years of traveling and time spent in the fashion industry they saw a need for form-forward backpacks that function well too. Check out WANDRD gear here.


On a brisk November morning, the Gear.com crew sat down with Ryan, Spencer and Austin Cope, in their sprinter van. The goal? Well, it was pretty simple, we wanted to learn more about what inspires them to create travel packs and accessories that enable people to spend more time outside.


From the front lines at Fashion Week, to the sandy beaches of Baja, Mexico, the Cope brothers know a thing or two about international travel and aesthetics. We'd be lying if we said we weren't a little bit jealous of their wanderlust lifestyle.

Spencer has long said, "... we grew up traveling all over the world and we consider it to be the best education we, or anyone else, could ever receive, and we wanted to influence and enable others to do the same — to explore, and to live life in the moment." For Ryan, Spencer, Austin and the rest of the WANDRD crew, life is best spent behind the wheel of a sprinter van, handlebars of a motorcycle or the lens of a camera. The hours of #5to9 are truly a gift for us all to enjoy our passions.


After years of seeking the best work life balance we could to no avail, we all jumped ship on the corporate grind and decided that we wanted to take a stand. A stand against a mundane life seemingly lived between spreadsheet cells and the hours of nine to five. #5to9 is all about reclamation. Clawing back the best hours of the day for our passions outside and time spent with friends and family. The dawn-to-desk and desk-to-dusk moments … the golden hours.

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